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Writers' Guidelines For Altitude Magazine - The In-Flight Magazine For Caribbean Star/Sun Airlines


Freelancers interested in sending queries or submissions to Altitude magazine should first and foremost familiarize themselves with the magazine's format. Queries/submissions should demonstrate an awareness of this format. Those that do not are not very likely to be considered.

All editorial queries/submissions must be connected, either directly or indirectly, to the destinations to which Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun airlines flies. These destinations include: Santiago, Dominican Republic; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, USVI; Tortola, BVI; St. Croix; Anguilla; St. Maarten; St. Kitts; Antigua; Dominica; St. Lucia; Barbados; St. Vincent; Grenada; Trinidad; Tobago and Guyana. Destinations that are a short ferry ride away from these locations will also be considered. All other destinations are not relevant to us at this point.

Potential contributors should also be aware that we are a quarterly magazine, publishing in March, June, September and December. Payment runs between US$0.20/word - $0.40/word, depending on the section of the magazine.

Contributors should also be aware of our audience - an equal mix of travelers to the Caribbean from outside regions (especially the U.S. and Europe) and those who live within the region and are traveling between islands. All features should appeal to both kinds of readers rather than take an outsider's approach to the subjects. For many readers, these are subjects right in their own backyard that they might not know about, and they should not be alienated by the piece's tone.

Regular departments:

Altitude is divided into a series of regular departments at the front of the magazine and a small general feature well at the back.

Star Points:

This is our front-of-the-book section that allows us to cover a maximum number of islands in a relatively short amount of editorial space. Features here are photo-driven and tend to focus on seasonal highlights, unusual events or destinations and features that lend themselves to a shorter length. Generally, this length is 250 words, though features can run up to 500 words if they are relevant and a good fit for the particular issue.

PR firms or the sources of the pieces themselves generally supply photos for this section, and writers are expected to assist in acquiring these images as part of their assignment. Payment for this section is $0.20/published word, and it's a good way to start contributing to the magazine on a more regular basis.

Food & Drink:

This feature, which runs from 1,200 - 1,300 words, focuses on food traditions, local restaurant scenes on destination islands, food or beverage trends in the Caribbean or, more generally and preferably, food and drink as a window into local culture. Payment is $0.40/published word.

Caribbean Weekend:

This 1,200 - 1,300 word feature focuses on one destination to which either of the airlines flies that can be covered by vacationers in a 48-hour period. We tend to focus on a geographically small area - i.e. small city or town (Port of Spain, Trinidad and Marigot, St. Martin) - where one needn't necessarily have to drive much or at all to get to any of the attractions discussed. The feature is comprised of a short introduction to the island and four self-explanatory sections - Stay, Eat & Drink, Shop and Leisure/Relax - that highlight the main attractions in each category. Writers are responsible for collecting all telephone contact information for all sources enumerated in the story. Payment is $0.40/published word.


This 1,200 - 1,300 word feature looks at Sport in various forms and has been wide-ranging in the past (topics have included everything from a children's tennis initiative in Anguilla to mountain climbing in the Dominican Republic). We're interested in creative approaches to the category with good photo potential. Payment is $0.40/published word.

General Features:

We usually have room for 2-3 general features in the rear part of the magazine. They tend to top out at 1,500 - 1,700 words and are chosen based on originality and relevance to our format. We are quite inclined to culture-driven pieces that demonstrate an understanding and respect for the people of the Caribbean, and take less of an outsider's approach. Payment is $0.40/published word.

All queries and submissions should be sent directly to the editor, Michael Depp, at

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