Written by Terri Henry

Dominica is the perfect recipe for health, wellness and longevity. With its rainforest breezes, 365 rivers, locally
grown tropical produce and rugged terrain, Dominica boasts one of the highest rates of centenarians per capita
and, according to a worldwide report, some of the happiest people in the world.
If you are seeking a spa experience then be reminded that the word ‘spa’ is an acronym for Sanitas Per Aquam
which means ‘Health through Water’. Find yourself on an uncrowded beach to soak in deep blue sea water for an incredible
detoxification treatment. Sea water has benefits which include relief of aching muscles, inflammation and
arthritis. Or immerse yourself in one of the many rivers and waterfalls, allowing the cool flowing water to massage
the body and re-energise your mind and spirit. Perhaps the ultimate spa treat on the island is the opportunity
to sink into pools of warm sulphur water, naturally heated from the core of the ear th. The highly
mineralised waters have been shown to ease symptoms of rheumatism, arthritis and gout; relax tight muscles; improve
skin complaints such as eczema and sunburn; and simply relieve the stresses and strains of life. Try these natural
experiences and you will find that Dominica is a surprisingly luxurious outdoor spa.
The Hippocratic advice to let ‘food be your medicine’ can be easily adhered to in Dominica where fresh local
produce is everywhere. Grown in rich volcanic soil, handpicked and sold with ‘farm to table’ freshness, food here is
tasty and full of precious nutrients. ‘Superfoods’ grown on the island include: Acerola (West Indian) Cherry: Studies have shown that the vitamin C content of just one cherry is 65 times greater than an orange – drink a glass of the juice
and you will be bursting with vitality! Coconut Water: The high potassium and electrolytic levels of coconut water make it a perfect isotonic sports drink which is useful for providing energy and aiding recovery from high exertion. The water is also a natural diuretic and useful for treating urinary infections, kidney stones and cases of mineral poisoning.
Cocoa: Rich in sulphur and magnesium and one of the richest food sources of antioxidants, cocoa powerfully
builds skin, hair and nails, balances brain chemistry and wards off disease. It also contains a range of positive neurotransmitters which make us feel happy! In addition to the healing wonders provided by the environment,
Dominica is host to a wide range of natural therapies and products with many professional practitioners.
Indeed the island has become a melting pot for natural healing arts – from aromatherapy to yoga with chiropractic,
gene keys, herbal medicine, massage, meditation, physiotherapy, Watsu and many more in between.
A unique aspect of Dominica’s health and wellness offerings is the synergy created through the combination of health and wellness, agriculture and the natural environment. For example, ‘Yoga in the Rainforest’ offers you the opportunity to do postures in the midst of towering trees, listening to the songs of rare birds and gazing at the complexity of the forest floor or the canopy overhead. A brunch using locally grown produce is served after class. Other healing ar ts in harmony with nature include culinary tours, ecotherapy, massage in open air cabanas, with herbal medicine and natural skin care products
on sale. Detailed listings for Dominica’s health and wellness can be found on the Discover Dominica website

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