About Mustique

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Mustique is a gem of an island measuring three by one and
a half miles. It lies about seven miles south-east of Bequia
and is privately owned. Cooled by the trade winds, it has
successfully retained its rare ambience with a low-key relaxed,
yet sophisticated, atmosphere. This archetypal tropical
retreat has long attracted the elite of the world,
including British royalty.
Its undulating 1,350 acres offer an extraordinary diverse
choice of landscapes and beaches: gentle hills in the north
to steeper ones in the south; stunning white sand beaches
to those covered with rock pools and pebbles and, in between,
a myriad of lanes and tracks to explore.
Visitors love to jump into their vehicle and just amble
around the island’s intricate network of minor roads to
view the exotic, eccentric and imposing collection of
houses, nestled within their beautifully maintained gardens.
Some choose to take advantage of the many vistas by
taking a walk or hike, which can be as easy or invigorating
as you wish.
Come and rub shoulders with celebrities at the world famous
Mustique Blues Festival, held in February each year.

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