Written by Seumas Maharg

The wedding was beautiful; all of our friends and family were there; we
partied ’til dawn and after a long plane ride we finally arrived at our
honeymoon destination, Palm Island.
Day 1
Our final trip was a short boat ride from Union to Palm. We were welcomed on
the dock by the friendly staff, and handed a refreshing cocktail, after
which we strolled down the golden beach towards our own private suite.
After a refreshing and welcome dip in the crystal clear sea, we headed up
to our table on the beach to enjoy a light, refreshing lunch.
With a little siesta in mind, we lay on our recliners, listening to the gentle
lapping of the waves, as we sipped yet another tropical cocktail – only exerting
ourselves to take a few short steps to the sea to cool off.
With the setting sun, romance was in the air as we enjoyed each other’s
company whilst dining at our candle lit table. Then back to the total privacy of
our suite where we felt like the only people in the world.
Day 2
The next morning we woke to a beautiful clear Caribbean day; a
breakfast of fresh fruit and green tea to start the day. Heading off to the spa to
be pampered, we decided on a couples’ massage. For my bride, a Spa
Tranquility massage and for me a deep tissue massage followed by the luxury
of their Tropical Oasis therapy which uses mango and passion fruit to
rejuvenate the body. After heading back to our suite we
grabbed our towels and swimsuits and were driven by golf cart to a private
beach where our very own double hammock and specially prepared
champagne lunch awaited. Totally alone in our tropical paradise, we
frolicked in the sea like a couple of teenagers.
From the beach, we snorkelled the pristine reef enjoying the underwater
sights and competing to see who could spot the most fish.
The champagne theme continued into the evening as we boarded SY
Yannis for a sunset cruise, watching and hoping to see the infamous green
flash as the sun slipped below the horizon.
On return to Palm Island, a private dining table had been set for us under
a shimmering heart shaped tree. It was wonderfully romantic and the perfect
end to a perfect day.

Day 3
Fresh and revived, our third day was all about adventure,
starting with a hearty breakfast of poached eggs and crispy
bacon with fresh coffee. We were picked up by the
friendly staff of Grenadines Dive and taken on a deep sea dive
where an array of tropical fish and colourful coral greeted us.
This was a scene we had only ever viewed on television.
Returning to the resort for more delectable Caribbean cuisine,
we ordered the speciality of the day – jerk chicken – which was
scrumptious. Full of the spice of life, we jumped on a hobie cat for
a sailing lesson. We were whisked around the island with cool spray
on our faces and wind in our hair.

On return, a quick retreat to our suite gave us the opportunity to don
our walking shoes and follow theisland’s chief groundskeeper, Tash, on
an edu-cational and unforgettable tour that showed us the island’s flora
and fauna, including many prehistoric looking iguanas. A magical surprise
awaited us when we reached the top of Cactus Hill – a cold young coconut
to quench our thirst. As always the day ended with some
of the finest food in the Caribbean as we unwound and listened to the
soothing sounds of the steel pan.
Day 4
Waking up to another day in paradise, it was time to explore the beauty that
surrounds Palm Island and what better way than on the 60ft schooner
‘Scaramouche’. We stopped off for a swim at one of Mayreau’s idyllic
beaches before sailing on to the Tobago Cays for lunch.
Anchored in the marine reserve of the Cays, we got the opportunity to
swim with turtles – an almost surreal experience for both of us.
The tranquil afternoon sail home slipped us silently over the water with
only the sound of the rigging singing in our ears.
Day 5
Sadly, the final day on our private island had come. After breakfast we
slowly headed to the ferry dock and began our journey home, realising
how perfect this week had been on Palm Island – our honeymoon

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