Just 5 miles from Union Island lies the privately-owned, 113-acre resort island
of Petit St. Vincent. Surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, PSV, as the
island is known, has 22 secluded cottages that provide the ultimate in privacy and
luxury with no telephones in the rooms. Guests simply hoist a flag up their own flag
pole either to summon room service (a waiter will appear in a golf cart) or to
request ‘Do Not Disturb’. The lovely restaurant offers worldclass
cuisine, but the place you have to visit (even if you’re not thirsty) is the
great bar, with hummingbirds flying around in lush tropical vegetation;
plump golden labradors lying about in sand pits; friendly parrots; comfortable
cane furniture and the best fresh, tropical fruit frozen daiquiris in the
region. All you’ll want after your first cocktail is the next one.
The anchorage is popular with yachtsmen and is just minutes away
from what has to be the ultimate desert island – Mopion sand bank, which you
can walk around in about 30 seconds, has the whitest sand you can imagine
and a single thatched shelter with a bottle opener bolted to the main
support beam (left some years ago by a generous cruising yachtie).
PSV’s lucky guests can enjoy a picnic lunch on the sandbank,
surrounded by nothing other than the ocean, crystal-clear water, fabulous
snorkelling and the gentle sound of cooling sea breezes.

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