About Palm Island

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It was originally called Prune Island. The former owners (John Caldwell
and his wife Mary) renamed it Palm when they set about to transform the
island into a truly palm island by planting hundreds of coconut trees.
It is located just about a mile from Union Island where a private boat will
meet and transport you to the privately owned and exclusive island resort which
is all that is on this 135 acre island. White sandy beaches and crystal
clear water surround Palm Island. It is the perfect getaway for nature lovers
and those who want to relax and do nothing but enjoy this fabulous, allinclusive
resort. Casuarina Beach, a special favourite amongst resort guests,
runs along the entire western side of the island.
Rob Barrett, the proud owner of Palm Island, has made it into what can
arguably be called the perfect resort location. Visitors are welcome provided
that arrangements are made in advance.

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