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Situated 7 miles south of Canouan and with a population of only 250,
Mayreau can only be reached by boat – either sailing or by ferry – but
once there it’s very hard to leave. This little gem of the Caribbean has
unspoiled, picture postcard beaches and bays and is ideally situated for a
‘land and sea’ vacation. From there it is easy to take short trips by sail or
speedboat to the nearby islands. Days can be spent picnicking and
sunbathing on the wide swathes of deserted beaches or snorkelling in the
calm, clear waters – this is the quintessential place to get away from it all.
Mayreau is a small island and therefore perfect to explore on foot.
With only one main road running between Saltwhistle Bay and Saline Bay,
the island’s entire length can be walked in an hour. A short hike up ‘Station Hill’
brings visitors to the picturesque village of Old Wall with its quaint church from
where there are spectacular vistas of the Caribbean Sea and the nearby
islands. There are several bars and informal restaurants offering home
cooking, refreshments and where guests are treated like long lost friends.
Known for its safe anchorage, Saltwhistle Bay in the north has a
beautiful tree-lined beach and exceptionally calm water that is perfect
for swimming. All of the beaches have powdery white sand and even the
windward beaches are protected by reefs.
There’s no glitz and glamour in Mayreau and life hasn’t changed
much in the past 30 years or so – it’s an undemanding place with a timeless
charm where simple pleasures make a stay here well worthwhile.

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