Whale & Dolphin Watching
Dominica has become known as the ‘Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean’ simply because the chance of
seeing whales and dolphins on any excursion is extremely high – 90% of trips have success!
It is the only country in the world where you can spot whales year-round, although sightings are most common
between November and March. It is rare not to see whales on a whale watching excursion but on those days,
acrobatic performances by spotted, spinner and bottlenose dolphins make up for any disappointment.
Sperm whales socialise, breed and calve in the deep, sheltered bays of Dominica’s western coastline – bays that
have been created by sheer cliffs that descend into the sea making a unique underwater terrain. Not only sperm
whales are seen in Dominica’s waters though! There is a chance to see pilot, pigmy, humpback and false killer
whales too. Whale watching operators follow a strict code of conduct, minimizing any disturbance to the whales
and they do not practice luring. The use of hydrophones helps to locate the whales as well as giving clients the
opportunity to listen to the highly vocal cetaceans – especially sperm whales who sing beautiful songs to each other.

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