The Wai ’tukubuli National Trail
Another Flagship Venture for Dominica The Wai’tukubuli National Trail (WNT), currently
being developed, is well on its way to becoming a major flagship product for Dominica.
This 184km trail, made up of fourteen segments, runs from the southern tip of the island to the
Cabrits National Park in the north. It allows users to be able to navigate the hills, valleys and plains and to
interact with communities along the way – offering a range of hikes across the nature isle showcasing its
beautiful vistas framed by luxurious tropical forest. The segments are of varying lengths and degrees
of difficulty. Segments 1 and 3 provide the opportunity to experience Dominica’s volcanic features
– the sulphur deposits in Soufriere as well as Boiling Lake. Segment 5 features the Carib trace
and hideouts of runaway slaves, showcasing Dominica’s rich history and cultural heritage.
Segment 6 offers interaction with the island’s first people, the Caribs. Segment 14 offers the
ruggedness of Dominica’s Atlantic coastline with its cooling ocean spray. Some segments are even old
slave trails. Each segment of the trail will be fitted with bridged waterways made of hardwood timber
as well as directional and interpretative signs. The trail clearance was achieved by more than
seventy clearance/maintenance operators. These young men and women were recruited from communities
along the route and the WNT has benefited greatly from this community support. The
WNT has become a household name within the rural communities – a positive genesis for the project
at this construction stage. On completion the WNT is expected to create and sustain rural livelihoods,
aiding in the economic diversification of Dominica. It is hoped that in the near future the
Wai’tukubuli National Trail will be raised to the same prominence in the international community
as the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF).This project is funded by the European Union, the Government
of Dominica and the Regional Council of Martinique.

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