Nightlife Dominica

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Written by Nikima Royer

Nightlife, any day of the week in Dominica, is unique, much as is the rest of the island. There are no stereotypical nightclubs
with velvet ropes and bouncers. Rather we have our favourite watering-holes, blocks, and spots, with the occasional
‘jam’ thrown in for good measure.
Watering-holes consist of any bar that a group of friends will religiously gather at after work to have a few drinks,
laugh at a few jokes, and plan the next move – usually to ‘de block’. ‘De block’ is a special place, typically close to home,
but really it can be anywhere on the road where music is playing, people are congregating and drinks are flowing. After
‘de block’, it’s homeward bound, to shower and change and step back out in style, heading to ‘the spot’ to reach the
‘day break’. Now ‘the spot’ is a more organized type of ‘sewo’, ‘lyme’ or outing, usually at a recognized establishment,
with either a DJ or live music. This can often be confused with a ‘jam’, however the major difference is that a ‘jam’ generally
takes place at an outdoor venue.
In the early hours of the morning, when you’ve consumed enough, danced too much, and can barely keep your eyes
open – the sun is rising and day is about to break. As is done almost every Friday, you’ve passed by the watering-hole,
‘de block’ and ‘the spot’ and just as you are heading home, the question is thrown from the crowd, ‘Eh, what’s de move
lata nah?’ Smiling, as you drive home for some much needed rest, you know the process will start again when it’s decided
to meet up, pull, and go from there.

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