Hiking Dominica

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Hiking through our national parks is one of the key experiences of any visit to Dominica. The island is a leader among those
regional states protecting significant ecological areas of the Caribbean. It was the first Commonwealth Caribbean country to
establish a national park when legislation for the Morne Trois Pitons National Park was passed by the House of Assembly in
1975. This park is now the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the Caribbean. It covers some 17,000 acres in the south central portion of the island that includes the main active volcanic features of Dominica such as the Boiling Lake and Valley of Desolation as well as the cool crater lakes, the Boeri Lake, the Freshwater Lake and numerous vegetation zones. Dominica now has more protected areas per square mile than any other country in the region. In 1986 the Cabrits National Park on the North West coast was established. This includes areas of coastal dry scrub woodland, a significant zone of marine environment and an historic 18th century garrison that is spread over the twin hills of the Inner and Outer Cabrits, also known as the East and West Cabrits.
In 2000 the Morne Diablotin National Park encompassing Dominica’s highest peak was established. This park protects
important watersheds to serve the water supplies of coastal villages as well as preserving the habitats of thousands of
species of plants, insects and other wildlife including the endangered Imperial (Sisserou) and the Red Necked Amazona (Jaco) parrots. These parks can be explored by trails established by the Forestry and National Parks

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