Community based tourism in Dominica has emerged as a tool for raising community participation
in tourism development and for ensuring that tourism in Dominica evolves sustainably. This
type of tourism development is also part of a broader agenda creating links between tourism
and other key sectors of the local economy, particularly in farming, entertainment, handicraft and
agro-processing. Community tourism provides new opportunities
for communities impacted by the decline of the agricultural sector since the middle to late
1990s. It engenders a spirit of entrepreneurship and management of tourism at the local level,
driving residents and individual entrepreneurs to find different ways to improve livelihoods and create
opportunities for themselves. This also enables tourists to discover indigenous habitats and
wildlife in Dominica. It celebrates and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. The
community becomes aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural
heritage through tourism, and this fosters conservation of these resources.
This kind of tourism is the heart of the Dominican experience. Dominica tourism is a mixture
of nature, culture, adventure and the hospitality of its people. Brand Dominica in effect
reflects the community experience, encouraging visits to the small rum shops in mountain
villages, fish nights in coastal villages, boat-rowing and tubing on crystal clear rivers and village
feasts – not forgetting the small bed and breakfast facilities and the local cuisine at eateries in
remote areas. Community based tourism also offers opportunities
to provision bigger hotels and restaurants with locally grown produce, craft items, and services
such as culture, transportation and entertainment. This empowers local communities to
create the conditions where residents can benefit from tourism development opportunities in
Dominica. Activities include boat rowing on the historic
Indian River in Portsmouth, the Mero Beach development and horticultural/floral tours in the Giraudel/
Eggleston area. There are also sulphur river tours in Wotten Waven, agro-tourism and farm
tours in Bellevue Chopin and craft displays at Geneva Heritage Park.

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