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Nick-named ‘Little England’, and
known affectionately by locals
as ‘Bim’, the island of Barbados
was first settled in 1627, marking the
start of an uninterrupted period of
British rule that was to last for 337 years
until independence was granted in
1966. It’s the easternmost of the Lesser
Antilles and lies around 100 miles east
of St. Vincent and the Grenadines –
but, unlike St. Vincent, it’s primarily a
low-lying island of coral-limestone
With a bustling international
airport, the island is easily accessed
both from Europe and North America,
and this, in part, has resulted in a
highly developed tourism infrastructure
with many world-class hotels,
gourmet restaurants and excellent
duty-free shopping.
The south and west coasts boast
beautiful white sand beaches and the
calm, azure waters of the Caribbean,
whilst the east coast offers rugged
beauty and great surfing from the
tumbling waves that roll in from the
Atlantic. With a multitude of leisure
activities available, it’s easy to see
why Barbados has become one of
the Caribbean’s top destinations – not
only for tourists but also for investors
and retirees. In addition to snorkelling,
diving and sailing, the visitor can
explore wild life reserves, play a round
of golf, take a helicopter ride, explore
caves, enjoy the annual Crop Over
festival and finish up the day by
experiencing some of the festive
George Washington visited the
island in 1751 and his words really say
it all… ‘In the cool of the evening we
rode in the country and were
perfectly enraptured by the beautiful
scenery which every side presented
our view. The fields of cane, corn and
fruit trees, in a delightful green…’.

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