Taxis congregate at various points in St. John’s, at the airport in the north, Jolly Harbour in the west and English Harbour in
the south. They are available at all times. You can also get the hotel to book one for you. The Government sets taxi rates and, as in any country, it’s wise to establish both the amount and the currency before setting off.
Bryson’s Tel: 462 6464
West Bus Station Tel: 462 5190
There are two main bus stations in St.John’s – the East Bus Station, at Independence Avenue, near the Cenotaph, which serves the north and east ends of the island and the West Bus Station, near the public market, serving the south and west parts of the island. Buses usually start running from early in the morning to around 6.00pm, although the English Harbour to St. John’s route normally continues until quite late. It’s wise to ask the bus driver up to what time buses will be travelling the route.
If you’re a driver and staying for more than a day or two, renting a car or a jeep, is definitely recommended. Ask the car rental
company for a copy of our full colour, easyto- read ANTIGUA & BARBUDA TOURIST MAP. And remember – KEEP TO THE LEFT! Please follow all parking restrictions as marked. Failure to park in the designated areas will result in a heavy fine. Please drive cautiously keeping an eye out for pot holes and stray animals. A temporary 90- day driver’s licence is required by law and can be obtained through a car rental company for EC$50 (US$20) upon presentation of your own valid driver’s licence.

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